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Gold and Bee Ltd Equicoaching connects humans and horses to heal, support, and guide individuals through personal development and the discovery of one's self.

We started off as two women who wanted to make a difference in the way people were helped. we were not quite sure what that would mean but through a lot of research and discussion, we realised that sitting in a room with a therapist or a life coach was no longer what people wanted. People were seeking more alternative guidance. 


We currently have a team of horses that we work with. We have many ways of ensuring they are happy, healthy, and up for the job. 

None of our horses are obliged to work. They have a choice. This is very important to us as they are our partners and our equals. With every session, we approach our horses in the field with the intention of coming in to work with a client, if our horses repeatedly walk away or show signs of not feeling up to work, we allow them to express that and we go find another horse who is more willing. 

Our horses also receive regular holistic treatments. We use acupuncture, Bowen therapy, aromatherapy, and many more treatments to ensure our horses feel their best in their body and mind. 

They live outdoors 24/7 in herds and are all barefoot, which ensures they can live as natural of a life as possible. By being out with their friends, they are able to decompress from sessions.

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