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Alison Dunevein-Gordon
Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner

I enjoy being an individual living my own authentic life, but it’s easy to feel we have to adapt our way of being to fit in with the world around us. 
In my early career, when I worked in the field of New and Renewable Energy for the Department of Trade and Industry as it was then, I came under irresistible pressure to change my innate way of being to work in a very male-dominated environment. I learnt how to be a corporate team player and how to do and say the ‘right’ things.
I’m incredibly lucky, however, to have spent my life around horses; these beautiful creatures who accept us and know us as we really are.
When I finally left the office-based world of work and started networking with entrepreneurs and business owners, I found the freedom and courage to be and to show my authentic self. I used the skills and experience from the corporate world to coach other business owners and to help them to be the best versions of themselves.
A few years ago, Bumble came into my life. He was a broken recycled racehorse who I desperately wanted to heal and to find a job that we could both enjoy. I wanted to find another way to work; a way to make a difference in line with my own ethics. This is when I first found out about Equicoaching or Equine Facilitated Learning. Sadly, Bumble’s struggles in life came to an end this summer and so I now carry out this work his memory, his spirit beside me all the way.
I would love to share the healing and learning power that my small herd of horses happily give out, combined with my long experience of coaching. Churchill was absolutely right when said that there’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a [person].

Agathe Jreijiri
Visionpure Equicoach 


There was a point in my recent life when I was completely lost. I did not know what my future was going to look like. I was being pushed towards 'classic' degrees such as management, finance or even marketing but that was not for me. After a lot of reconsideration and questioning about what my true purpose was, I realised I was completely on the wrong road.

Along this journey, I was told that my heart horse, Gold (pictured) would never be able to be ridden again due to his spine. As he is a young horse, I knew he had to keep busy, so I discovered Equicoaching. Not only did I know this would be a perfect path for him, but I fell in love with it myself. I decided to go against the norm and start my journey as an Equicoach.

I always knew I needed a career that would help the world, but I never thought I could have my best friend as my partner. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of teenagers and young adults are being pushed into these 'classic' futures which may not suit them so I want to be there for them, to support their decisions and help them work through their struggles. 

Now, my job is to coach and support people through the pain of the past and the challenges of the future. I am done with my training and can now take on clients at practice before my final exam in June when I will be certified. I can finally say, I have found my place in the world.

I am on my own path helping others through their own path. 

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