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Do I need to have any horse experience?

Everyone is welcome! You do not need any experience with horses, as long as you are comfortable. Our horses are all safe and have been evaluated for this job to ensure they are the right horse for you and your situation. 

What should I wear?

It is important to wear close-toe shoes such as trainers or boots, and clothes that are appropriate around horses such as trousers. But we will remind you about what to wear once you have booked a session.

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What if I am really scared of horses?

We can adapt the session to suit you. We can stay outside of the pen/field and do an exercise where the horses cannot reach us at all. Whatever you need to feel more comfortable we can accommodate. 

I think my child needs help. Can you do a session with them?

Yes, we can! As long as your child is willing to come for a session, they are welcome. (We do not work with children under 14)

I am nervous about booking my first session. What can I do?

Please do feel free to drop us a message or an email and we would be happy to talk you through the process to help ease your nerves. We are there to help you so as long as you are willing to take one step, we will be there to support you. 

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