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Equine to human relationship coaching

We now offer coaching aimed at horse riders. 

We want to support riders in all aspects of their relationship with their horse. As riders, we are often used to doing things in a specific way, generally the way we have been taught since childhood or by the BHS. As good as some of these techniques are, we often lose sight of what is going on deeper in our minds as well as our horses. 

Our aim at Gold & Bee is to help riders rediscover their equine partnership with a different outlook. By learning to understand our physical and mental cues, as well as being more attentive to our horse's reactions, we can rebuild a stronger, more harmonious partnership. 

This is why we have decided to offer both groundwork and ridden lessons, with a focus on the psychological aspect of the partnership. 

These sessions will be at a location of your choice. You will be required to have a space to work in or to book one. 


Our prices do not include travel costs. These will depend on your location. We travel within 1 hour of Calne, Wiltshire.

30 min groundwork session - £20

30 min ridden session - £25

1 hour groundwork session - £35

1 hour ridden session - £45

Please email us to arrange a booking

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